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History of the campaign
The Don’t Cut Us Out Campaign was set up in February 2011, to unite campaign groups, charities and care providers in defending vulnerable people from unprecedented cutbacks in social care and service funding instigated by West Sussex County Council (WSCC).

In a survey carried out by the National think-tank group DEMOS on behalf of SCOPE, WSCC was rated one of the worst councils for lack of care support, ranked 143 out of 152 Councils in England for the lack of care it now provides to the disabled and elderly

We seek to overturn a massive £31million reduction in funding to Adults’ Services over the next three years.

Following a public consultation on care support carried out in 2010 in which 76% of respondents voted against making any cuts, WSCC decreed on April 1 2011 that anyone judged with ‘moderate’ learning disabilities, physical or mental impairments, or difficulties associated with old age, would lose all their care benefits and support. In addition the Council closed 3 vital day centres for disabled and elderly people, and made access to its remaining day centres more difficult.

We sought a Judicial Review to overturn WSCC’s decision on eligibility, and began a high profile campaign to show that cuts in social care to vulnerable people, those least able to fend for themselves, is not only unfair, but will not save money in the longer term. Overwhelming evidence shows that people with moderate disabilities who have their care support removed, soon deteriorate to ‘substantial’ or ‘critical’ levels and require much more spending – but not before they go through untold stress and trauma.

4,500 people in West Sussex are losing their social care funding, leaving many who have been attending day centres and respite services for 20 years or more, stuck staring at four walls at home with no stimulation or reason to live.Don’t Cut Us Out has had great success in highlighting the worst cases,and professional social workers within the Group are now providing free Advocacy support to appeal WSCC’s decisions to cut their funding and social care support.

To date, we have generated more than 3 hours of TV exposure, 10 hours of radio programme time and countless news headlines both nationally and regionally. We are also lobbying MPs, MEPs, Lords, Bishops, Councillors and the major charities, including Age UK, Mencap and the Disability Alliance, which has led to an ongoing national debate.

We raised £3,500 to fund a Judicial Review, organised 3 high profile protests outside County Hall, Chichester, forced two petition-led debates within WSCC. and made care for the vulnerable a central issue.

“I am terrified I will die in the night because of cuts.”

The Don’t Cut Us Out Campaign is managed by professional carers, social workers, members of the medical profession, church leaders, parents of vulnerable people affected by the cuts and the disabled themselves. All work tirelessly for the campaign on a voluntary basis.

19. 10. 2012 Audio/visual banned by WSCC
This is an extended version of the controversial Audio/visual that WSCC banned from being played as part of muscular dystrophy suffer Peter Adams’ opening presentation to Council debate on the crisis in care within West Sussex.

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Chichester County Hall before the Council Debate 19/10/12
Those who have had their benefits cut or reduced made their stand outside of Chichester County Hall before the case was discussed by the suits. A huge amount of support from all people of all ages & backgrounds.

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